Saturday, 21 July 2012

Little Secret #4 – In Parma (By Food Roots)

“If you are looking for the classic traditional italian restaurant which serves pizza and pasta this place is not for you.” – said the passionate owner (Christian) as we were sipping our fine Lambrusco.
In Parma (By Food Roots) offers something very different. High quality cheese, wine and charcuterie. This lovely little gem located in one of the nicest alleys in Fitzrovia will change the way you think about italian restaurants.
Clearly a lot of time and thought has been put into this tiny cozy restaurant which is decorated with wooden lattices containing traditional italian products, hanging italian meats, cheeses and wines . The atmosphere is nicely complemented with brazilian music and with friendly staff who clearly know their job very well...The knowledgeable owner, very passionate about what he does, can explain to you with every little detail about his PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) products and his country of origin.
The selection of original italian products is amazing not only in terms of breadth but also in terms of quality - all of them are personally chosen by the owner from the best producers in Parma.  Our pick of the day was the finely sliced prosciutto served on a wooden board. 
This is the perfect place to enjoy a fojeta of fine Lambrusco and try one of the best – if not the best   prosciutto you have ever tasted... 

In Parma (By Food Roots)
10 Charlotte Place, London, W1T 1SH
0044 20 8127 4277

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